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A Surreal Evening, Sitting with the people who you look up to and draw inspiration from.

A total Boss Babe experience

Every day I encourage you to read, write, decompress and take time to reflect on where you are. Sometimes when we are caught up in the moment and life gets stressful, we forget to look back and realize our accomplishments along the way. Go to that mingling event. Take time to just breath, put your phone down and just enjoy dinner with your loved ones. It's a must to survive the Boss Babe life.

When you are starting a company or in the baby stages of your business, you have a lot of time to watch and learn from other entrepreneurs rocking the business and you admire them from afar, hoping someday you will get the chance to work along side them, or be in the same category as them. You'll think it might take forever but put yourself out there and it might just come along quicker than you thought.

It was so surreal to sit at a grand table full of vendors you've admired for years. Some I thought I may never meet....It's a blessing to be here. I am beyond excited for the future! You have all inspired me along the way and continue to each day. 💕

Being in the wedding industry I found my Niche pretty quickly, I knew who my peeps were from the start, they are all so supportive and have become like family over the last 2 years. Little did I know, my Niche would grow to this incredible community of vendors, who always have each other's best interest at heart. We are all here for the same reason, We Love Love and we want to create an experience for couples that they will forever cherish. So, it's no surprise we are all so like minded and get along so great. This industry will forever be my favorite. Of course there are incredible male vendors, but I will always cherish the empowering, inspiring women of our industry. It melts my heart indefinitely.....

Tonight I sat at a grand table for dinner and dessert with all my favorite vendors, some I've met, some I know personally, some I've crossed paths with and we feel as though we know each other but never met before and some have inspired me from day one and without knowing it have guided my way in the industry. It's a very humbling experience to be around such incredible entrepreneurs. They are true Boss babes who have never given up when life throws them a curve ball. The beautiful thing about our industry is that it allows us the time to live life, make connections and create an experience our couples will love, all while getting married, taking care of sick family members, snuggling babies and many more things along the way and its a creative outlet that keeps our passions alive, fulfills our inner artist and fuels the fire in our souls. We become web site designers, marketing gurus, authors, and many other things that we never intended to along the way..... Its all about the journey, never about the finish line. Enjoy the process, laugh and have fun along the way and NEVER take yourself too seriously.

A HUGE thank you to Dessert First by Veronica for putting together such an incredible event at Events on Jackson for our industry and creative's alike to mingle. It was absolutely re-affirming that this is where life is best, the wedding community here in Arizona is so supportive. Major love to everyone. I hope you Chase after all of your dreams in life! #welovelove





Myself and Veronica at the Communal Dinner Party at Events on Jackson

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