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I'm not bossy, I am a boss

A Story of growth, change and reflection of the past... back to where it all began!

Photograph by Jennifer Rice Photography

First published on 5/3/2018 at the end of one chapter in life, and just as the start of another.

Boss Babe has definitely created a community of entrepreneurial woman who support each other as a tribe of Lady Bosses . I think GirlBoss the book has had a huge impact on the flood of recent woman who are empowered and inspired to start their own companies, take charge in their life and live like they have always wanted to.... like a BOSS. This definitely doesn't stop at women owned businesses, this is single moms, stay at home moms, moms who work 2 jobs and still raise their little ones ... its about the community that it has created. A community of women supporting women. It's a revolution if ya ask me!

When I was young I was always called bossy....turns out I'm not bossy I am a Boss. I have had a host of different career paths in my life and at 28 I finally know what I am going to do with the rest of my life. I've dappled in many different fields of art and now it all makes sense why. Let's talk about a particular career I had and how it greatly impacted the rest of my life thus far. I was a wax specialist for a well know corporation, the particular branch I was part of was locally owned by a very small company, which made it a fantastic place for growth and opportunity. I was promoted to GM after a short while at this particular location and here is why..

The hiring process for this company was complicated but so efficient. We had to take these tests that showed how quickly we learn and adapt, along with showing us the type of work mentality or personality we have. My test, although I suck at tests, turned out to show very strongly into the management, leadership category... which makes total sense of course. I don't remember all the details of it, but I do remember my test being similar to that of the CEO( whom I admired greatly, Phenomenal leader ) So here I am, at 24-25 taking on a role of GM to a bunch of ladies close to my age at a center that, let's just say wasn't doing so hot! They trusted me, they believed in me and they listened. These guys had it down, they studied millennials, they hired the right people and listened to their employees. Two things happened to me in this process that changed the way I looked at careers and life. One, I had a huge realization of what I should be doing with my life, I love being a leader. A true Boss is a leader. Two, I learned to believe in myself and my ideas and to be bold enough to present them to the CEO... and he loved my ideas. Confidence, belief and passion will take you where you need to go. They set me up with the foundation with what I needed for the future. Of course, at the time I had no idea what was up ahead. Looking back now, I see they taught me some of the most valuable lessons I ever learned.... it's truly the catalyst of my Boss Babe life. I am truly grateful for all the careers that lead me here and even more so, for the wedding industry and all the magic I have found here.

I hope that if you need a community of woman, you feel that you can join our community. You are strong, beautiful and capable of achieving greatness.


-Ashley Shaw




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