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Hey! I’m Ashley! The founder of Honey&Shaw! 

I am an Arizona Native, born and raised in Flagstaff and I am an artist, not just at heart, but to my very core and I always have been! Wooo Weee…. I could show you some EMBARRASSING artwork, books and clothing I created as a child, but I’ll spare you…. 

I have always gravitated towards flowers, nature and the earth. For as long as I can remember, spoiling others with flowers has been my way of saying ‘ I love you!’ especially when hugs and words couldn’t say it loud enough. 


I truly adore flowers, it’s my happy place; my peace & calm . I carefully curate every unique floral piece with love, laughter and probably a bit of singing, dancing and corny  jokes. I thrive on adventure, new experiences and creating unique settings.


Florals are just one of the very fulfilling things in my life, they are my creative outlet and remind me to always find new beauty in each day! I love to explore the world with my husband, adventure to new places and challenge myself to grow, learn and accomplish new things daily.


You will often find me dancing to the beat of an unheard song, laughing and being a total nerd, mostly in an extremely clumsy manner. I am currently obsessing over moody styles, ship-lap walls, pampas grass, colored goblets and patterned textiles! Garden roses have my heart, fragile, unique and fragrant!  Give me a beautiful bundle of flowers, a cup of herbal tea, my puppies and a good book and I've got the perfect evening.

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