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We are Honey&Shaw, wild, adventurous, inspiring, passionate, loving and fun!! 

We are down to earth, organized, artistic and have a whole lot of quirkiness in our bones! Crafting florals for the creative, urban and adventurous…. for the free spirited at heart . From our immaculate crafted space to our fine art floral arrangements.  You’ll see our vision and understand the purposeful nature and thoughtful intention behind Honey&Shaw just by stepping into our Brick & Mortar. We put our personal touch into every piece we create and we pour our heart &  soul into our business and our art.


Studio hours

Mon - Fri 2pm-6pm

Saturday 9am-6pm 

* Honey&Shaw Hours May vary based on weddings*

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We are Honey&Shaw!  Carefully curating every unique floral piece with love, laughter and probably a bit of singing, dancing and corny  jokes...for the creative, urban and adventurous. We bring a unique flare to everything we do. We shop with you in mind, local when it's best and seasonally as we can! Our floral designs are a very organic process, we take your vision and your color story, then put our unique flare on it by letting the flowers speak to us! This allows us to have a little more creativity in our work while giving you the look you truly desire.We create unique pieces for retail shops, editorial shoots, weddings, elopements, styled shoots and more. 

 We are fun, creative, goofy, quirky, social, silly and organized! We are here for you! 


We are Honey&Shaw!


Something about a bouquet of fresh flowers, it is just a joyous comfort, a reminder of just what an incredible gift flowers are to us here in the world and feel like a little hug from god! I believe that florals capture a mood and bring an unexpected element of happiness to every space they exist within. If I’ve learned anything over the years, it is that flowers will always remind us to live in the moment, they are beautiful, fragile and must be enjoyed right then and there.


We hope you will join our Flower Club and spoil your loved ones the same way we do! Our hope with these, is that it brightens your office, home, life or a loved ones day!  When you join our flower club, you will get sweet swag each month along with 10% off any and all orders placed for florals with us. You will also get exclusive content just for our members geared towards education, DIY how to's and more!! We hope that you enjoy this membership with us, learn some rad stuff and

spread the joy of flowers to all your friends and loved ones! 


We are a bridal boutique for the unique, unconventional, and free-spirited bride at heart, our space will give you a cozy feel. We have styles for everyone from the bohemian to the romantic, chic, sexy, modern and all those in between. We love hearing your love stories, helping you make memories, and we love to watch you fall in love with THE dress the same way you fell in love with THE one, because well… We LOVE love! We are total saps for adorable love stories and seeing you feel all the feels about your dream dress, fiance and wedding dreams! We are excited for you to join us, to hear your story and help you find the gorgeous gown that has been waiting for you! Whatever your heart desires, we will be here to support you, it’s your wedding, it’s just as unique and special as you!

See you soon! 



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Ashley was simply amazing! She definitely knew what she was doing and did it well. She took charge right away and kept everything organized, something I just couldn’t do with my busy work schedule as a physician. Her taste and eye for beauty was impeccable. But beyond that, she demonstrated the utmost professionalism and work ethic. We were even hit with a road block 2 months away from our wedding date, when the venue we decided on dropped our contract at the last minute! Ashley took care of everything and before I could even begin to worry, she called me with an even better venue for us to book. Thank you so much Ashley for all that you have done. Thank you for ensuring that our wedding day was as special and beautiful as I had always imagined it would be. <3


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We absolutely adore Ashley! She took care of everything we needed on our big day, making sure we had every detail we needed squared away with no worries! Honey & Shaw EXCEEDED MY FLORAL DREAMS! If I could give 6 stars I would! Thank you so much for all the help and support for our wedding!


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"Honey and shaw is perfection at its finest! So creative, professional, has great vendors, and makes the loveliest floral arrangements! Our wedding was amazing because of honey and shaw and I'm truly grateful!"




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To impact the lives of those around us & to show people how much they mean to the world by spreading love through our passion  and the beauty of flowers; to share the gift of floral artistry to new floral designers  and hobby florists 

fueled by matcha green tea latte's and puppy snuggles

established in 2016

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