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We are so excited to announce that after years of hard work, learning and growing, we are finally launching our workshops for anyone and everyone! We have had a lot of inquires from other people in the wedding industry to brides that are just wanting to pick up a new hobby or D.I.Y some things for their wedding and people wanting to add some artificial florals to their home! These are just the first of many different types of workshops! We love teaching and training others in things we are passionate about and are excited to pass this gift onto you! 

This series will consist of a variety of skill levels, from beginner to advanced. We will be hosting workshops, events and educational series! 

We would be honored for you to join us at these events! 

Enjoy treats, good laughs and meet new friends!

We look forward to having you! Space is limited. 

12 spaces available per event, grab your bestie and hurry on over to reserve your seat & come craft with us!



Peach Rose


White Rose 

Pink Peonies

Multi Color Carnation


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