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Being a local small business is fun, hard work and very rewarding. The Arizona community is so supportive of small businesses and its such a pleasure to be part of this community. So, of course, we like to support other small businesses in our community. Although Lizard Thicket is a larger company with many stores across the country, they are owned and operated by locals. Lizard Thicket of Mesa Arizona is owned by Barb. She is the sweetest lady and knows how to treat her customers. Every time you walk in they set the standard of excellence. The team will offer you water while you shop, get to know you, help you find an outfit for whatever it is your shopping for and make it an experience.

In any consumer driven business it has to be about the experience and finding a team of individuals who can really hon in on that is hard to come by. Everyone wants to feel special and everyone wants to be heard. That is just human nature. It's about making a connection, building a bond that makes an experience worthy of our time right? What better way to shop than to truly feel that you are welcomed and appreciated. Barb has this team and I'll tell you what, you will have a fun experience when you shop. What makes them unique is they never get the same thing twice, they always have a new selection of cloths, and you'll walk out with something so unique! The best part.... people will absolutely compliment you and by the time they get to the shop, they won't be able to find that same dress you have, but they will find something unique to them! They have a wide range of styles, prices and ages as well! Every Monday they have Mystery Monday's with special deals and they have a We give Wednesday's on the first Wednesday of each month and a Wednesday clothing line where company wide they have given back over $200,000 as of April 2018 to charity! That's pretty awesome!

In our picture, I am wearing an Outfit provided by Lizard Thicket and I love everything about it! It is my favorite outfit! What are you waiting for?! GO CHECK THEM OUT!!

Shop local with Lizard Thicket in Mesa, Arizona

Photo by Jennifer Rice Photography

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