How to make a tiny master bath functional

Take your tiny, outdated master bathroom from cluttered and frustrating to gorgeous, spacious and functional!

Okay, let me just give you a little background here.... I have no formal schooling in Interior Designer, but I have been drawing interior designs since I was TINY! No surprise there.... All my passions are morphing into each other!

So before my Hubby and I started dating he got a steal on a starter home, and it has been a HUGE blessing in our life in SO many ways, we love it here. We thought about moving but found something wrong with all the houses we looked at. Let's be honest, they were all run down in our price range and needed to be remodeled OR they were remodeled but had little to no backyard. We have 2 big dogs that love to run, so that was not going to cut it!

We decided to stay put right where we are and just remodel the home we are in. Our good friend and neighbor does Doors and windows and has dabbled in Home Renovations. So we got together and set a budget and a plan. The house looks gorgeous so far! I've had the vision and RJ brings the talent to actually execute my designs. This has become such a fun hobby and I have gotten so much feedback on how much everyone loves the renovation. So of course this is quickly becoming an addicting side hobby! We all know I am OBSESSED with Fixer Upper and Chip & Joanna Gaines, It's pretty much the only thing on our TV anymore.

Anyways I've gotten off topic here...

So... Tiny Master Bathrooms.... they can totally be a drag, small tight spaces, no storage, NOT FUN for any couple, esp Newly Weds....


First, get rid of the Clutter! Ya know, that box of product, makeup, back up shower hooks and soaps that NONE OF US EVER USE, EVER. THROW IT AWAY!!! its just there.... after you get rid of it, you'll wish you had done that 5 years earlier. If you try to tell me you don't have a bathroom junk basket... look again... everyone has one!


Second, go light colors with small rich accent colors( Bronze, copper or Oil Rubbed Bronze fixtures)


Third, Stick to Low profile everything, skinny Vanity ( in width that extends away from the wall). Tile on the shower wall with thin edging, zero depth entry if you can, flat mirrors, and of course, the glass shower door with the least hardware. Tile that flows the same through the whole bathroom floor. Don't forget the pocket shelves finished with light wood shelves.

Add some shelves behind the toilet, live plants, candles, books and a few fresh decor items and you can literally DANCE TOGETHER in the bathroom.... and if your not into that.... at least you'll be able to walk past each other and open the bathroom door without hitting the drawers of the vanity.... You know what I'm talking about.


Be prepared to spend a small chunk of change on completing the Renovations.... Remember it is WELL worth it. You'll forever thank yourselves for doing it!

Okay, here we go.... from demo to gorgeous! our favorite little bathroom renovations in our home, we did both bathrooms so here they are....

​ TIP::: DON'T FORGET THE BEFORE PHOTOS.... I was so excited to get rid of the gross rooms we had I didn't take many before photos, and I definitely don't have just casual photos of those rooms... because... let's face it, they were gross! LOL

This is the best "before" photo I have of our Master Bathroom, in the midst of demo

The Demo on these bathrooms was more than we thought, but we were so excited to find out that We would end up with about a foot of depth additionally once the project was complete.

If you have a bathroom from the late 70's... it is most likely huge on the walls with mix and chicken wire.... hire a professional demo crew... it was NOT fun to do this by ourselves... the second bathroom, we left it to our 2 remodel specialists.... you can't really tell here but the ceiling was a full foot lower and their was no light in the shower before we remodeled.

All of the red is waterproofing!

They actually raised the roof, added a light, moved the vent, removed a foot high cinderblock curb that was the shower edge, and they were able to give us a full foot of depth and an extra 6 inches of width in our shower

I designed the space, and they executed for me, because, I am just not that talented! RJ and Brian are the if ya ask me! They even got me as close to zero depth entry as possible, try hammered out the floor, there was multiple layers of old tile.... then they created a shallow pan to give it the proper shape for draining