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                                                             The Nomad Experience is our elopement investment! This is designed for a simple yet brilliant elopement for the trendy couple who wants to celebrate their love with an intimate wedding ceremony in their favorite local hidden spot, just the two of you, your witnesses and an officiant! Are you a nomad? Do you love nature? Are you planning on spending the majority of your budget on an adventure of a lifetime for you and your hunny? An elopement might just be exactly what you are searching for! Make sure you check out our vendor tribe  for your elopement needs, turn your elopement into an unforgettable experience with photography and videography!


                                                                         This is designed for the extravagant nomad. For a very unique experience, have the best of both worlds. An elopement, followed by a backyard style reception with family and friends! We provide reception planning, day of coordination and we help with setup and coordination of your elopement as well. Florals are included for you and your partner for the ceremony. Reception is limited to 60 guests. Elopement would be you, your partner, your witnesses and your officiant. Add videography and photography to make this an unforgettable experience that you can share with your friends and family. Do you want to share in celebration with friends and family, but want to keep your ceremony as small and intimate as possible? This is the experience for you!  



 This Destination Adventure Experience is our Elopement investment for the Adventuring couple, who wants to have a very small, intimate ceremony with your closest family and a few friends  to celebrate your love in a beautiful far away place. Celebrate with everyone by having a cocktail, then head off to start your honeymoon! Travel fees do apply, Up to 10 guests can be invited. Location scouting as needed. Currently destinations are limited to america.      

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